From Our Athletes we expect:

  • do your homework and study

  • BE respectful of coaches, team moms, trainers, and your teammates

  • BE a team player

  • have a positive attitude

  • practice hard EVERY day

  • practice at home, if needed

  • believe in yourself

  • express yourself

  • most importantly – HAVE FUN



 From our Parents we expect:

  • have a positive attitude

  • believe in your athlete’s coaches

  • be respectful of coaches, team moms, and trainers

  • get your athlete to practices and games on time

  • call if you are running late or if your athlete is sick

  • have PATIENCE

  • support your coaches, team moms, trainers and most importantly – your athlete!!!!!!




From Our Coaches we expect:

  • have a positive attitude

  • push hard

  • challenge the athletes

  • be respectful of parents and athletes

  • get to practice and games on time

  • always have a back-up plan

  • smile

  • make it memorable

  • instill confidence

  • most importantly – HAVE FUN